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18 Sep, 2013

A Tribute to a Woman on the Frontlines

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Michal Ann Goll was a gentle fierce warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ growing up in rural MO with 3 older brothers and parents who loved God and worked hard. Her Bible was her best friend in growing up as she never missed a day devotionally reading the truths of God’s word. She came to faith at an early age and walked with Jesus all the days of her life. Perhaps it is not the length of your days but the depth of your impact that you leave behind. If that is the case, Michal Ann finished well. Jim [...]

11 Sep, 2013

ATTENTION: Be on the Alert!

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On Sunday morning, September 1st, while asleep in my home in Franklin, Tennessee, I was given a short dream that carried weight in the spirit. A Warrior Angel came and stood at the end of my bed and spoke to me. This messenger angel was one I had seen 25 years before, but not since. The angel declared, “ATTENTION!” I had suddenly woken up to see the Warrior Angel looking straight at me and he spoke, “Be on the alert!” Then suddenly he took off. The bedroom was charged with an intense presence of the “fear of the Lord” [...]

4 Sep, 2013

Contending for the Prophetic Promise

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LIVING IN THE UNTIL CLAUSE Sometimes we all wonder, “Why does there seem to be a delay to answered prayers?” or “When is that prophetic promise ever going to come to pass?” If you find yourself pondering these types of questions, you are not alone.  We all live in the “until” clause to one degree or another. There is “promise revealed” and then there is “promise fulfilled”. Between these two positions, there is the gap we live in called the “until”. But, we do not have to stay there. We can learn the ways of the Holy Spirit in [...]