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20 Mar, 2013

Let’s Push the Restart Button!

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Greetings in Jesus Great Name! As most of you know, I released 8 Clear Words recently in both written and audio form Of  the eight points,  I personally relate the most to the third clear word on “It’s Time to Push the Restart Button.” It relates to me on a personal and ministerial level, to my city, and according to feedback I receive from you, many other people’s lives, hopes and dreams. So let’s take a look at this as it relates to Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • Compassion Acts. GET e-School We finally have a launch date [...]

13 Mar, 2013

I Love to Tell the Story

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Julie Meyer God is stirring His people to pray.  God is raising up houses of prayer, prayer movements, and ministries who realize the great need for prayer and having foundations of intercession firmly established before ministry takes place.  People are bowing their knee in reference to our Holy God believing that He gives more when we simply ask.  God set it up that way, that we would be co-labors with Him, joining Jesus the Great Intercessor. We are simply to ask - knowing that God is listening and answering our simple prayers.   (Isaiah 64:4) The revivalists of [...]

6 Mar, 2013

Come Again Holy Spirit!

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One of the most consistent ways the Lord speaks to me is through the avenue of dreams. Many of my writing and speaking assignments are given to me in such a manner. Prayer assignments over the years have almost always come in the forms of visitations and visions. This is especially true if it is a strategic assignment. While ministering in Brazil in July 2012, I was seeking the Lord for His mind and thoughts concerning future movements of the Holy Spirit. I went to sleep in my hotel room in Belo Horizonte and woke up out of a [...]

5 Mar, 2013

Parenting and the Prophetic: Lessons Learned

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Family Background For years, I have wanted to share some of our family’s personal pilgrimage as it pertained to raising children in a highly prophetic culture and attempting to be naturally supernatural.  Michal Ann and I had the honor of bringing four wonderful children into the world: Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler, and Rachel. They were miracle children as we were told it was impossible for us to have our own biological children naturally. But then there was God and this was how we learned the art of Prophetic Intercession. With each child came amazing dreams and visions from the Lord, [...]