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8 Feb, 2012

It’s Time for the ‘SHOP’!

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A Fresh Revelation For The Global Prayer Movement! While in Pasadena, California two weeks ago ministering at the Voice of the Prophets Conference, I was ministering away on the theme of “Prophecy Life”. Then "it" happened! What is the "it"?  HA! Hold on - I will get to "it"! For me, the prophetic seer realm sometimesopens up unexpectedly. I wish it were by will - but for me, it is not. It opens up for me especially while in worship, sometimes while just doing something natural, sometimes while ministering privately and sometimes while on stage or the platform ministering. [...]

1 Feb, 2012

12 Scriptures for 2012 & Beyond

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I believe it is the Year of the Word of the God and God of the Word! It is a time when the office of the teacher (Ephesians 4:11) or the teaching gift of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:7) will be re-emphasized in the body of Christ. It is a time when a convergence of the School of the Word and the School of the Spirit takes place.That is why I released a Bible reading program at the first of the year. It's ever too late to participate! With this conviction in mind, I went to prayer and asked [...]