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12 Dec, 2012

Feast of Dedication and the Miracle of Chanukah

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This festival in the Jewish calendar lasts eight days and falls during the month of  December. It is called the Feast of Dedication or sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights. It started over 2,300 years ago in the land of Judea in the heart of modern day Israel. During the 2nd century, the Syrian King Antiochus IV Epiphanes (an oppressor and forerunner of the Anti-Christ as foretold in Daniel 11:21) attempted to force the Jewish people to assimilate into the Greek culture outlawing all Jewish religious observance. Eventually the Maccabees, a Jewish rebel army, defeated Antiochus’ armies [...]

5 Dec, 2012

The Prophetic Song of the Lord

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What Is the Song of the Lord? In a general sense, all worship sung to music is the song of the Lord. Different terms are often used to describe the same or similar expressions of this creative musical art form: “a new song,” a “prophetic song,” as well as a song of (or to) the Lord. Many times, such songs spring up spontaneously at first, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and they remain songs of the Lord even after being written down and sung over and over. If you add the word “prophetic” to the phrase, it [...]

21 Nov, 2012

My Personal Response: Understanding The Nature of the Prophetic

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Two weeks ago, pivotal national elections were held in the United States which will have major long term affects. The nation is extremely divided at this crucial juncture being polarized on every major moral issue, foreign policy, and ideologies of economic reform. I do believe more prayer ascended to the Lord for these elections than any in my personal lifetime. When you combine events like America for Jesus, David’s Tent in Washington, D.C., Reformation Prayer Network, other ministries and churches with special prayer emphasis, people doing 40-day fasts, and much more, it amounted to possibly the greatest volume of [...]

20 Nov, 2012

The Election: The View From A Higher Altitude

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With the election fresh on our minds, it would be wise to push the pause button and assess where we are. What follows is a lengthier article than I usually write, but I encourage you to take a moment and ponder what I trust will be some Kingdom perspectives. WHY AMERICA IS AT STAKE The real debate in our country is not over economics or social issues. It is ultimately a debate over whether we stay true to The Founders' intent for America; or whether we are to substantially reset the nation's course – a struggle between those who [...]

16 Nov, 2012

War in Gaza – Day Three: Crossing Red Lines

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The limited warfare between Israel and the jihadi terror group Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) in the Gaza Strip has entered its third day. Hamas rocket squads are firing on the average 12 rockets per hour, or a minimum of 300 per day, at last count. As the Sabbath evening fell on the Jewish state, over 550 rockets and mortars have been fired from Gaza and Sinai onto Israeli civilian farms, villages, towns and cities. Israel Air Force planes have responded with over 600 air attacks on long and medium range rocket silos and warehouses in Gaza, often hidden next to [...]

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