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18 Aug, 2010

God’s Media Army

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Praying for God's Media Army to Arise I love today’s emphasis on impacting the 7 Cultural Mountains. Recently we prayed for People in Places of Influence as a form of doing this. This week in our Global Prayer Storm efforts we are going to pray into couple of those mountains – or shaping influences in society. This week we are going to pray for those who serve in the areas of MEDIA, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT. Now personally I have a very strong desire to see this area flourish for the Kingdom of God. Michal Ann and I helped to [...]

4 Aug, 2010

Praying for People of Influence

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Don’t limit your thinking to only governmental leaders when you talk about praying for people who are in authority. Of course, from a United States government perspective, you should pray for the sixteen individuals who make most of the key governmental decisions in the United States: our President, the nine justices of the Supreme Court, the two senators from your state, the U.S. congressperson from your district, the governor of your state, your state senator, your state representative, and also for others who work on those levels of government. Each of us has an obligation to pray for these [...]