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15 Dec, 2010

The Beginning of the Third Great Awakening

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AN EXPLANATION In recent months I have been teaching in many cities and nations on Signs of the Third Great Awakening. To make this week’s prayer emphasis complete, I have included a video I recently made on this subject.  You can click on the link below to listen to on the MP3 and then go to our Online Resource Center to order the new I MUST BURN CD just released where the actual experience I will now tell about is recorded. So this week using our global positioning strategy through our Global Prayer Storm, we will intercede in the [...]

15 Dec, 2010


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A few months ago I was given a message that came in the form of a vivid, yet simple dream. It was a “matrix” type dream off of the style of the famous Matrix movie series. In that series of movies you had a “red” or “blue” pill you got to choose between – and it was very important which pill you chose. You wanted to be on the side of truth and not found in deception. I had actually “awakened” early that particular morning and then I felt from the Holy Spirit that I was to linger in [...]

1 Dec, 2010

A Two-Story House – Amazing Dream Encounter while in Sydney, Australia

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I was ministering at a conference at Jubilee International Church in Sydney, which was my third city during a two-week period in Australia. We had already had a great conference and I was now pondering what the Lord had for these precious people “down under” for my closing session with them. That Sunday morning the Holy Spirit gave me another stunning and vivid dream of a Two-Story House. The senior leader of the church’s name was Fini.  His name would play out as significant in the dream. In the bottom or first floor of the house, I was standing [...]

1 Dec, 2010

Joining the Generations

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Thinking Generationally The modern Church must rediscover the mind-set of thinking generationally. First, no one but the Father knows when Jesus will return—it could be today, tomorrow, or many years from now—and second, God Himself always thinks and acts generationally. For too long, too many members of the Body of Christ have considered themselves part of a terminal generation. It is time to change that way of thinking. Each generation of Christians needs to see itself as a bridge generation that builds on the past, lives in the present, and plans for the future. It is important to live [...]

24 Nov, 2010

Creating a Culture for Revelation

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DREAM SNATCHERS There are many reasons why dreams appear to be lost after they have been caught. Let’s keep things simple and clear. We have an enemy waiting to snatch away and steal the revelation that the Holy Spirit brings. The Thief Comes Matt. 24:43 - “But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.” Luke 12:39 - “But be sure of this, that if the [...]