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20 Jul, 2009

Prophecy given by Dr. Sharon Stone on the 21st of September 2008

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From the Desk of James W. Goll Today we are featuring a very accurate word released in September 2008 by Dr. Sharon Stone, another of our speakers for the upcoming 12th annual Women on the Frontlines Conference: Empowering Champions of Compassion. We invite you to join us for this gathering! >>Click here<< for more information or to register. We are sure that this event will sell out so register today to reserve your place and become an Empowered Champion of Compassion! Dr. Sharon Stone is a powerful prophetess known for her strong preaching and accurate prophetic words, as you [...]

7 Jul, 2009


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Recently I was given a message that came in the form of a vivid, yet simple dream. It was a “matrix” type dream off of the style of the famous Matrix movie series. In that series of movies you had a “RED” or “BLUE” pill you got to choose between – and it was very important which pill you chose. You wanted to be on the side of truth and not in deception. I had actually “awakened” early that particular morning and then I felt from the Holy Spirit that I was to linger in bed for a moment. [...]