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14 Jun, 2009

The Present Middle East Crisis

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We’re Just Going To Keep On Telling The Truth Until It Starts Working by Avner Boskey with Final Frontier Ministry What will the Jewish people’s acceptance of Jesus be but life from the dead? Romans 11:15 President Obama is winding up his whirlwind tour of Islamic dictatorships. He has received golden gifts and has given, in exchange, golden complements, saying of Saudi King Abdullah, "I've been struck by his wisdom and graciousness" as well as "his generosity". The President spoke with reporters before touching down in Saudi Arabia, declaring that he "thought it was very important to come to [...]

8 Jun, 2009

Healing for Believers Today

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I felt it would be good for us to do a little “Word Study” as a part of our Prayer Storm efforts this week. So we are going to take a look at the Greek and Hebrew words used in scripture for healing. Let’s consider them and then be armed with the word of God for effective prayer purposes. Greek Words for Healing Wholeness is the root word ‘iaomai’ one of the five New Testament Greek verbs translated as ‘heal’. This word is used physically twenty five times (Matt. 15:28), figuratively of spiritual healing five times (Matt. 13:15, Jm. [...]