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12 Dec, 2004

My Beloved

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Scripture - “[She said distinctly] My beloved is mine and I am his!” Song of Solomon 2:16a, Amplified Version Devotional - “MY BELOVED" I want to share a short but very significant experience I had with the Lord about a year ago. About this time last year I was diagnosed with colon cancer. When I heard this diagnosis and was faced with my limited options, I so wanted to be healed supernaturally! Now, I’ve known times of divine healing, like when I was healed from barrenness in 1982 (we now have four children!). I’ve also known amazing times of [...]

6 Dec, 2004

Moving In the Supernatural Flow

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1) It is Time for Recess – It is Time for P. E. Classes This fall the Holy Spirit shared with me that new classes were being offered in His School of the Spirit. He whispered to me, “It is time for recess.” I responded, “What does recess mean?” A reply came, “It is time for the activity to take place outside the walls. It is time for P. E. It is time for Prophetic Evangelism.” The greater activity of God’s Spirit today is spilling outside of the four walls of the church as anointed vessels go to the [...]

18 Nov, 2004


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Scripture "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3, Amplified Version Devotional - "Peace" I don't know about you, but more and more, as the days pass, peace becomes an ever growing treasure in my life! All of us have trials and pressures that come and go, new and old, but regardless of their size, the timing, or whether they are new or old, we all want and need more peace, deeper peace, and abiding peace, to see us through! Our peace always seems to be a [...]

4 Nov, 2004

The Life of a Prophet

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1. The Journey Begins – Heeding the Call As you compare scriptural examples, as well as contemporary life experiences, you find a variety of times, ways and styles that people have been called into prophetic (or any other) ministry. Some seem to be “born with a gift.” Others are “born again with a gift” or “baptized-in-the-Spirit with a gift.” Still other callings are gradual and emerge later in life even though the person was sovereignly called before they were ever born. Samuel was called as a child (I Sam. 3:1-15). Elisha’s call came when he was a man plowing [...]

20 Oct, 2004

Welcome to the Vision Cast for the Prayer Storm

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1) Background of this Transition - New Doors in 2004!On Saturday morning August 2, 2003 the voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to me. "Before you can go through the new doors I am putting in front of you, your mother must graduate to be in My presence before My throne."The following Sunday morning, August 3rd, my mother, Amanda Elizabeth Goll, suddenly passed away. She was at home getting ready to go to church and simply graduated to heaven. What a way to go!Then I realized that the Holy Spirit 24 hours beforehand had clued me in. Not only had [...]